One Good Turn
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Walking Sticks and

Money Clips


Money Clip: 10k gold plated, solid brass money clip. At 1-3/4" in diameter, it has the heft of a silver dollar and features a firm, yet easy to use spring mechanism to hold your bills securely in place.


Item# MC1            $25

Various wood species in a landscape design.

Item# MC3        $25


Item# MC4        $25


To order small pieces:

Use the contact form or email link to order one of these pieces.  We can use PayPal to accept credit cards.  We will return your email and contact you over the phone to use this encrypted secure payment method.

Custom walking sticks, available in a solid piece to your

specified height, within 1/2". Available in red oak,

 purpleheart, or walnut with your choice of the duck

 head, golf putter, or wood-like handle.  See handle styles below.