Lazy Susans, Serving Trays, Cutting Boards


Cheese Planer set:   4-3/4" Cheese Planers made of stainless steel and matching stainless cutlery.

Item T2        $40
Small plate in bloodwood, 7.25" dia.
Item# T3        $50
Small tray in purpleheart. 6.5" dia, .75"h.
Item# T11            $120
Mineral oil finish, padauk and poplar.  12.75" dia x 1.75" h.  Beautiful for serving, can be used to cut and prepare on the reverse side.



To order small pieces:
Use the contact form or email link to order one of these pieces.  We can use PayPal to accept credit cards.  We will return your email and contact you over the phone to use this encrypted secure payment method.

Each piece has a description that includes the types of wood used, the diameter and height, and the price.  Note the Item #  and price when contacting us.

SOLD             $180
Lazy susan in a lattice pattern, in bloodwood, zebra, and maple.  12.5" dia.
Item# T23                      $190
Serving tray in purpleheart, walnut and maple.  12.5" dia.



Item# T24             SOLD
Serving tray in cherry, walnut and maple.  12.75" dia.