Item# B86                          $525

Zebra and bloodwood, 11.75"dia x 7" h. 

Bowls, Lidded Vessels and Urns

Item# LV27       $110
Georgeous holly lidded vessel with a purpleheart lid.  5.5" dia x 5.5" h.

LV 27


Item# LV 29      $110
Lidded Vessel in rainbow poplar and maple.  7" dia x 6" h.

LV 29


Item# B73             $180
Large bowl in oak and walnut.  13" dia x 2.5" h.  Matching glass-domed cheese tray is available.



Item# B100       $160
Live Edge bowl in Black walnut, 10.5" long x 5"h.
Item# LV32      $60
Purpleheart vessel with pewter lid in a hummingbird pattern. 4.5" dia x 2" h.
Item# B84            $75
Bowl made from spalted birch.  7.5" dia x 2.75" h.
Item# B6      $50
Paduak and maple.  5.5" dia x 2.5" h.
Item# B99    $160
Medium large bowl in maple and walnut.  8" dia x 4.25" h.
Item# B20        $80
Purpleheart, 6.75" each side, 1.75"h
Item# B16        $50
Yellowheart, walnut and red oak.  7.5" dia x 1.2" h.
Item# B43      $40
Red oak, 5.5" dia x 2" h.
Item# B58          $50
Padauk and oak, 6.5" dia x 1.5" h.
SOLD    Item# U1        $650
Custom urn orders available.  Red oak, paduak and walnut.  8.5" dia x 11" h.  A substantial piece which includes an o-ring seal in the lid, can be used as a cremation urn.

Each piece has a description that includes the types of wood used, the diameter and height, and the price.  Note the Item #  and price when contacting us.

SOLD   Item# B86        $525

Zebra and bloodwood.  11.75" dia x 7" h.
Item# B64                              $575
Padauk and red oak.   11" dia x 6" h. 



Item# B 65                      $475
Mahogany, purpleheart, wenge, oak, padauk, walnut, maple and cherry.    16.5" dia x 3"h.



 Item# B40                   $525
Purpleheart and maple, 9.5" dia x 7.75" h.  



Item# B36                
Yellowheart and wenge.  10" dia x 7.25" h.



Item# B83               $225
Yellowheart, mahogany and walnut.  14" dia x 2.4" h.



Item# B41                                   $375
Padauk, yellowheart, red oak, and mahogany, 12.25" dia x 5" h.



Item# LV7                            $575
Purpleheart and red oak, 9.75" dia x 11" h.



To order small pieces:
Use the contact form or email link to order one of these pieces.  We can use PayPal to accept credit cards.  We will return your email and contact you over the phone to use this encrypted secure payment method.